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2018-03-31 BarriesBoyz Park Field Ride


2018-03-31 BarriesBoyz - Parkfield Ride

Many life events lately. 2r20 outage just over, left DCPP for the last time as a permanent employee Last Thursday 3/29/18 with a retirement date of 4/1/18! 

Lined up and ready to ride. The blue and white RS is BonyButt's bike!

Today's route.. Pozo road to Bitterwater to 41 to Parkfield to San Miguel to Atascadero to Santa Margarita to home. This is Bitterwater road.. good to see elk out there!

Cresting Bitterwater road.

Open range. Be careful of the Moo!

Some doode named Bob was even slower than me.. I was in purty picture taking CandyButtAss mode today!

This might be the last of the 'green' rides..

Pretty county to ride in..

Mini-Miracle March 3 day rain storm did much for the dry farmers..

Something tells me these boyz have some Whiskey down there somewhere...

This is where some guy named Robert lives..

Bittterwater Rd, hiway 41 just ahead. 

Hey Parkfield Cafe.. you got a table for a bunch of retired old hoodlums?

Prong horn antelope! They used to be everywhere, before the wineries came in and fenced out there home town..

Parkfield shots.

Hadn't seen this E Clampus Vitus monument before...

Yep. Parkfield, the seaside community. Just wait for it...

Good ol' KrZy8!

Our intrepid leader, Barrie!

Don't he look happy?

Heading to San Miguel..

A nice day to ride!

Of course, an old barn shot for Andrew!

The last pic.. Glad the camera battery lasted as long as it did.

Hey, I'm retired now.. I can ride every day!


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