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2018-01-24 Barry Local Broke Clutch


2018-01-24 Barrie Local Ride - Broke Clutch

Meet up at the Porch, Santa Margarita. Saw Memo, local resident while there.. Memo has purchased the old vet building, has a bike shop in there now. He also wants to buy the Old Mercantile and liquor store back!

The man, the myth, the legend, the Barrie C!

We lost the rest of the pack. Barrie was setting a pretty good pace. Later we found out the pack had a breakdown. While here, spoke with Dylan Savoy of Savoy Construction. He states the Pozo Saloon has sold and should be open April 1. The new owners live in Los Osos and supposedly Levi Beanway, son of Brian and Rhonda, will continue with concert venues.

The rest of the pack didn't make it so far. Carla's bike broke a clutch cable.

Nothing a little JB Weld can't take care of. In the meantime, nice-guy-of-the-month Ray rode back to SLO to step n fetch a trailer then load the wounded bike, head to Paso Robles, then finally home. Well done Ray!

Pic out of sequence. Oh well.

Here's the gang. I'll take a stab at names. Left and around the circle.. Pete, Mrs Pete (someone help?), Barrie, Brian, Bill, Dave, Don C, Don S, and Steve? Is that right?

The boyz be liking the Long Branch now that it's reopened..

Say Goodbyes!

The end. 

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