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2018-01-11 RayDeliverKzAtk3MotorsTake-2 Home


2018-01-11 Take Kz1300, ATK, FJR and XR600 Engine to Ray's!

So I caught Ray in a moment of weakness. He'd found a cherry 03 he's known and serviced since new, but didn't have the bongobucks to go buy it. So I offered, from the generosity of my deepest heart, to fund the bike IF he did more work on the KZ to fix the heating issue AND fix the frame, swap the motor on the ATK.

In exchange, I'd give my blown up 06 KrZy8 motor for his research, fix, and possible resale.

Suprisingly enough, Ray said YES! I thought Ray was smarter than that. After all, he LOVES the KZ1300. LOL.

First thing is to load the trailer. For this trip the dually Dodge and trailer. Here's the FJR motor under wraps. It's been covered and engine 'fogged' even though it has water leakage into cylinder 1, RHS. Here's the link to that story.

Uncovered for the first time in years..

The alternator cover.. is from the replacement engine I bought. I kept the original KrZy8 cover as it's unrashed.

Hmmm. Me thinks the lightest engine should enter trailer first... for easier removal at Ray's house. Ray rebuilt this 1987 XR600 Honda engine several years ago. It was my MX race motor from back in the day. We de-tuned it for longevity. In full race mode it was rebuilt every 30 hours. Or less.

Now for the FJR engine. 

I rigged a mounting plate across the back and also a rod for rigging points

Some degree of finesse needed to get the bucket close. I keep hearing Ray saying "I'm messed up cause I used myself as a human fork lift for too long....

Ready for departure. It's a 2002 Dodge Ram 24 valve clatter-head. It's also paid for!

Check this out.. a table on the roof, only ONE strap holding it down. Yeah, I'm passing your ass.

I forgot to add that I was stopping at Scotties Workshop in Santa Clara to pick up rims and the R69S rebuilt engine/transmission.

Stayed overnight in Weed, CA. What a handsome man I are, I are!

On the road. I was somewhat concerned about snow and ice. I have no chains.

No problem. It was cold, some light ice after this pic, but not bad at all.

OK, I'm driving my truck, driving my truck. Overdrive off, up the hill. Overdrive on, down the hill. Repeat.

Yep. Spotting the trip via Spotwalla! Here's my trip. I took a detour. Open it to see and support Jason!

Mt. Shasta me thinks. In Weed, before slamming the old gurl with 20 pounds of boost, I made circles around Weed just to get operating temperatures up to normal. 

The route was simple once out of Santa Clara. BTW, Santa Clara and Bay Area traffic truly suck. I ran the 880 to 680 to 505 to 5. Both the 880 and 680 are concrete freeways built in the 1960's and in horrible condition. Major pot holes and heavy truck traffic make my wide ass trailer driving uncomfortable.

I didn't get a shot, but the number of hay trucks, fully loaded and headed South, was amazing.

There it is, 28F and some ice.. Saw a big rig truck slew the trailer by approx 15 degrees around a corner. I slowed, no problem.

I have a new pair of safety glasses, tinted. It's like being on acid.. 

No matter how you cut it, it's a long ride.

Finally gettin closer..

Dad, are we there yet? Well, how much longer? My new-to-knee is aching. Then I found I could take my shoe off, sneak the ankle between the brake and accellerator pedal to stretch and flex. While on cruise control, of course!

Pics out of order. Oh well.

Call me silly. When I see a huge America flag flying. I get emotional. And proud.

Like earlier stated, out of order. This is actually headed southbound on return leg. 

Crisp air. Clean air. I like it.

When travelling, even in truck, I like to feel a bit cold, with fresh air in the cabin . MotoTrucking perhaps?

So my window is always going up and down to modulate cold air entry balanced against maximum heater output!

Congratulations, you finally made it to Ray's workshop. Here's the R69s engine, ready for install. Now Ray has something to do!

The indignity of it all.. the mighty overheating KZ1300 next to some snow appliance? WTF, over?

The newest family member, Pete. He's one LOVEABLE doggie.

Per my own rules, no pics of peeps indoor homiciles other than dog-on-couch shots. The interwebs is to nosy..  but it is WAS cold up there...

And now Farmer Ray and Farmer Patti go about chores. Kids to feed....

GoatieGoats and Chickens.

Yes. Fresh eggs daily.

Note that the goats and chickens are kept separated.

Not for long! That goat went through a hole in the fence big enough for a fat chicken and is now eating chicken feed off the ground. Weird goat.

At an Oregon rest stop for quick relief. Every so often, check the cargo.

It IS pretty country up here. 

The nice thing about running in cold temps is it's easy on the diesel Cummins and tranny. Over temps NOOO problem today!

I took this pic for my buddy Larry Gibson!

And.. Uncle Dutch is back home!

Thanks for riding along, and this concludes the 'Restoration' of Uncle Dutch. All new entries will be in the forum 'Wrenching'.

Many, many Thank You's to Ray and Patti for hospitality, Ray's outstanding work and level of attention to detail.

When the weather improves and DMV can get their shit together, I'll be testing Uncle Dutch on the roadways!

Until then, ride safe.



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