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2017-12-26 MadCo Throttle Lock FAIL - need HELP


2017-12-26 MadCo Throttle Lock Fail

Started off good enough. Simple install of MadCo throttle lock, quality product, on a 2013 FJR. I've run MadCo on KrZy8 a 2006 and love it.
What could go wrong?

Bill, the owner, is 81 and a rider. I like this man. He's cool. 

the kit.

Simple enough. Remove bar weight, factory grip using probe, lube, compressed air. Yeah, done this.

All tools needed. UhHuh.

Not realizing it now, here is when  is shit starts going south. I didn't pay attention to the signs. Why is this grip fo freaking hard to remove? It's fully broken free from pastic throttle tube, it's lubed, it's blown with 120 psi it ain't  coming off. I'm feeling time pressure and keep forcing the issue; it's only a freaking grip!

Yep. Until it's not. I've NEVER messed with HEATED grips before and I just paid the price. Don't know that yet though..

Can't get the grip off so clamped the plastic throttle tube to the bar then grip slid right the f#@%k off.

Now for problem 1.. The MADCO throttle lock is designed, apparently for Gen2 not not Gen3 throttle housing dimensions. It won't work. The 'studs' are too short to engage and fix the lock.

Worse yet, simply extending the pins won't work either. The pins need to be another 2 to 3 mm lower, and 7-10mm longer, rough numbers.

So here's where taking pic is so important and I wish I had learned earlier, paid attention.  I was time pressured and knee hurting, a simple job. Right. 

Long of short, I could not find my special built 90 degree screwdrive to lift the grip at throttle housing to squirt lube. I did not have adequate light to see the heated grip, unlike a 'regular' grip,  extended into the housing for the wires that connect the heating elements. 

So I poked with a sharp 90 degree SnapOn tool, punctured the freaking heater wires, and worse, not knowing the indexing between the grip and throttle tube, managed to basically fuck up heated grip. Yeah, it still work s for now but insulation is broken, exposed wires, it's toast. 

Here's how it is supposed to look.

So then, does anyone have a good pix tutorial of how to reassemlbe a thorttle assembly? I don't have a Gen3 manual yet.. My bad. And I got trapped into the 'schedule' as I'm running out of time before I go back to work after knee replacement.

So, I screwed the pooch. I'm ordering a new headed grip assembly.

If you have a most coolio description of how to reassemble.. please help me.



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