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2017-12-02 Barry Local Ride - Ragged Point Hiway 1


2017-12-02 Barry Local Ride - Ragged Point HiWay 1

Starting off with breakfast in Atascadero, Daves Place.

Cool old truck.

With us today - Brian, Ray, Barry, Me.
Moonstone Beach.

Wonder what the weather is like in Spearfish, South Dakota today?

Hiway 1 is closed just north of Ragged Point. Big trucks bringing in bigger rocks led to que so we just chilled at the beach.

For being over 70, these old farts still ride fast and hard.

Do NOT be crossing the double yellow.

Almost the the end.

No, Brian is not relieving himself...

2007 Suzuki DL650, 1990 R100 AirHead with 272k, a GS and RT.

Sure beats watching TV.

A good group of competent riders. No stupid shit, good spacing, good pace.

Southbound into Ragged Point.

The road won't open until June 2018; the buisnesses have been hit hard.

Wild turkey thought he owned the road.

Just another day in paradise!

Barry and the group headed south on 1 back to Pismo Beach area. I routed over the hills.

Barry, you were right. The big rocks are not coming out of Negranti.

Today's route.

A fun day. The knee did OK too. Pretty swollen by ride's end but all in all. At least my face was in the wind today.



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