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Harley-D-Dawg needs a ramp!


Our black labbie is now 13. Today, he tried twice, at my constant urging, to load up into the truck cabin. Dodge 1 ton dually. Twice, he awkwardly crashed and burned.
So then, Harley needs a ramp! 
I've cursorily searched Google and my oh my what a plethora of ramps, styles, widths, materials exist. Harley is no lightweight doggie, and his x-breed provided him with shorter than normal labbie legs (McNab). The truck is fairly high to the bed and/or seats, and inside the camper to the bed is even higher. Yes, HDD sleeps with us! :lol: 
Anyone have any experience, advice?


I mean, like really, where is everybody?
I showered today so I know I don't stink.
I haven't insulted anyone for well over 5 minutes now (BeemerDon's will find it eventually)
(The insult that is, the other thing he's been looking for he's still looking for, wait, what was it he's looking for again?)
Hugs n' Kisses

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