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Nissan Juke Hunts and Runs Down Motorcyclists in Commercial

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This was my response..

I want to tell you how offended I am by your recent commercial of a Nissan Juke running over motorcyclists as if they were vermin in need of killing. This is where I viewed the video -

As a long time motorcyclist riding primarily Japanese products, I am extremely offended at this ad. I understand it was produced by Nissan Canada - but nevertheless, depicting motorcyclists as 'targets' with violent crash images is completely unacceptable and just wrong.

I have full size diesel trucks in my inventory - how would you feel if Peterbilt (big rig truck manufacturer) produced a commercial where the little Juke was the target of being run over, squashed, occupants murdered?

Trust me, I'll not buy purchasing a Nissan soon, no, ever, if this is your company message.

Someone needs be fired for this.

Scathingly Yours -



I viewed the commercial, and they portray the motorcyclists as bad guys on crotchrockets, not exactly the bad element that is out there... maybe pirates with patches.....
I do not buy any thing but American when it comes to automobiles/pickups because I cannot afford a Porsche...

Get off that corporate cc! smiley

I saw on fjrforum that Nissan pulled the ad, so all is good as far as I'm concerned...

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