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US Credit Rating downgrade

For the first time in America's history, our credit has been degraded. We are all to blame, especially the financial corporations and politicians. My top 10 reasons why we are in this mess -

  1. Greed (financial institutions, wall street, all the way down to you and me)
  2. Sense of entitlement
    1. Welfare
    2. Social Security
    3. Medicare / Medicaid
  3. Laziness - people don't want to work, and they are empowered via social programs (food stamps, unemployment, welfare)
  4. Healthcare - why should I pay for your healthcare when you don't even care about your own lack of healthy habits?
  5. Rise of socialism in America via the Democratic party. It all ties together - entitlement, enablement, laziness into a term called socialism. Socialism works great until you've spent all the other peoples money.
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Out of time right now - more later. What say you?

#3 isn't laziness, I'd say it's need.
If one doesn't "need" to work in order to survive, one isn't likely to be motivated to work.
Years ago I heard a preacher from Asia state that we in the United States don'e have poor people....we have RELATIVELY poor people.  His example was that in most "poor" neighborhoods the residents only have one car or one color TV, etc.  In his country, there are children scavenging at the dump for something edible.  By his definition, we don't have that many "poor" people.

I'm afraid our visions of a "safety net" has become a hammock where living that "lifestyle" has become generational.

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