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1960 BMW R60


...a labor of love that needs to get started.

  1. Duane Ausherman, modern lights and ignition -
  2. Joe Rapose, /2 Info -
  3. Jeff Dean, cool pix -
  4. BenchMarkWorks, Craig Vechorik -
  5. Tom High,  Rennsport Motorrad -
  6. Matt Richards, Boxerworks -
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  8. CycleWerks - Ed Korn -
  9. MotoBins - mostly 70 and 80's -
  10. Capitol Cycle - seem to have best prices - verify tho -
  11. Domic Racer - mostly Euro stuff, not so much BMW - but may have x-over parts -
  12. Motorrad Electric - points plate to use GM pints/cond, plug wires for cheap -
  13. Bmw Owners Association - (Note: 12/17/12 SiteLock says the BMW site is blacklisted due to malware. Use this link at your own risk!)
  14. Tim Stafford Restorations -
  15. Barringtons Restorations -
  16. BmwDean - Fun site, lots of pix and history - a wonderful read
  17. Terry Vrla - speedo repair - Terry Vrla
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1960 BMW R60.
Uncle Dutch's bike.
I think I bought it from Aunt Ruth in 1975.
Not run, started, since, 1994?

My shop, it's not much. But I do with what I have.
For example, that air hose is coming from where I have adequate power for the 20 year old air compressor, located at least 300 feet away.

Perhaps a bit over board with SparklyEffect...

As you can see, the final drive rear seal is shot. So are the brake shoes then.
Who cares, will the old girl start, after all this time?

The petcock is shot, it's the OEM one with cork as the seal.. and it needs to stay wet to retain intact.
This one has been dry for, about 30 years, so an alternate source of fuel is needed.

Such a sweet old motobike. I love the cockpit.
Want to make this bike a 'runner' and do a SS1K with Hal Risser on his FJR.
Just because.

15 years ago, put in new Castrol 10-30 oil.
This is what it looks like. Good enough to start, UnkDutch has been stored inside since last change.

The 'Key'. Yes, it fit all /2's.
Things were different in the 1960's.



R60Runs from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

A Heyco Discovery?

Any chances these are orginal BMW tools provided with the bike when new?

The R60's gas tank... I had no key. Paid a locksmith. Here's what I found inside..

Any chance in hell these are the original tools?

The markings look correct. West Germany and all..

By my best estimate, these tools have not seen the light of day since the early 1970's.

I just wonder if they really are OEM?

I found this website, Barringtons, and ordered this service manual today! 

What a wonderful piece of art this manual is, at least from the cover. Beautiful.

Excellent print quality, strong binding. Beautiful color.

With VERY detailed steps..

I think I'll ship this off to Ray so he has some good reading material to cover the cold La Pine winter.. :whistle:

BeemerDon's passed away 12/22/15, which greatly saddens me. He was a great guy.

..and also presents a quandry. Don had promised me use of his Velorex side car for Uncle Dutch. How do I approach this with family? He told me it was mine to use as long as I want, but when I'm done, and if Don wasn't here with us, to sell it and give the money to support Seth's trust fund.

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Posted 17 October 2015 - 05:28 AM

^^^^^^Had a Velorex 562 sidecar mounted on two H-D's, Sportster 1200 and Big Twin 88 for twelve years when my Son Seth was young, when he turned 14 he said no more sidecar and started riding behind me!  Operating a sidecar outfit is like washing your feet with your socks on or kissing your sister, absolutely no fun at all and basically a royal pain in the ass to push down the road.  I still own the Hack and its Hardware, I am going to make a long term loan of them to Don Carver here on the forum to install on "Uncle Dutch", his BMW R60/2: To make a Classic Beemer Package.  The Velorex sidecar is a Czech knockoff of the Steib, which was the original BMW sidecar available out of the Munich factory,^^^^^

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Posted 30 April 2010 - 04:49 AM

QUOTE (FJR Flyer @ Apr 27 2010, 04:13 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Any FJRs with a sidecar out there? Best option, IMO....

Miss Tyler, here is some food for thought. I bought a Velorex 562 sidecar for my Harley when expecting the birth of my child. I did not know if I was getting a boy or a girl, I just knew my child was going to be riding alongside of me from Day One. My Son Seth is now thirteen and he, and the German Shepherd Cal, rode in that sidecar together from the day Seth could sit in a car seat. Eighteen months ago Seth flat out refused to ride in our sidecar, he wanted to be on the passenger seat like all of the other kids that he saw out riding.

If you had an interest in operating an FJR with a sidecar, you could use my Velorex 562 for as long as you want, and just return it to me when you no longer need it. It is currently stored at my Mom's house in Orange, California. I could deliver the sidecar up to Doug Bingham's shop in Van Nuys, if Old Michael could ride your FJR down to Side Strider Company.

When Doug finished the mounting, I would fly up to Van Nuys and deliver it to you in Northern California; then I would fly back home to Phoenix. I would give you a full day of sidecar operating instruction, as they handle almost completely opposite from a two wheeler. We would start out with you in the hack and by day's end you would be the rig operator and I would be your "monkey"!

Another possibility is to have Old Michael ride your FJR to Phoenix and have Tom Ridyard mount it at his shop. I would simply fetch back the Velorex rig from Mom's house in Orange County. Here is a little history on Tom Ridyard and Doug Bingham: Tom and Doug were the last sidecar racers that were fully factory sponsored and supported by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. They were sent worldwide to race a Harley sidecar rig based on the XR750 flat track motor.

They raced in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britian, Germany, France, Russia and Japan. There are no two guys, with the exception of FJRay, who I'd trust more than these two for any sidecar work. Here is Doug's web site. Doug does all of Jay Leno's sidecar set up and restoration work, Jay has a dozen of them! Back in May of 1996 my bill for the subframe on the hack, receiver hardware on my H-D Sportster 1200, suspension damper and mounting links was $995; including Doug's labor. But, bear in mind all of that hardware is still there and hopefully Doug could reuse most of the already paid for components. Guessing at today's prices, may cost you $500 to adopt my Velorex to your FJR. Here is a profile on Tom and his 130mph racing rig, that he operates here in Arizona on the street. Blows away the poser boy racers!

In 2002 I had Tom convert the Velorex from the Sporty over to my Harley-Davidson FXD Super Glide 88. Modification of links, addition of sidecar weight plates to accomodate the heavier 88 cubic inch Big Twin and new subframe for the Twin Cam chassis cost me $475; including Tom's labor. Just giving you a rough guesstimate of what the price range may be to make a Yamaha FJR a sidecar hauler.

Naturally, you have no cost for the sidecar; just use it until you are physically able to be back on two wheels. However, if I should become as fecked up as RadioHowie is, may need to get it back sooner!

A secondary issue is the 2013 FJR pipes located up in his rafters... he mentioned I could have those too. Like I said, not sure what to do.


Ordered two NOS R69s cylinders and two pistons with wrist pins and clips..


Estimated delivery Friday, Jun 17, 2016 Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016
BMW cylinders R69,69S,(R68) Set

BMW cylinders R69,69S,(R68) Set

BMW piston set R69,68 (72.0)

BMW piston set R69,68 (72.0)

Order total


2016-07-12_Jon_ Rays Garage

Arrived in LaPine Oregon and my bud Ray's house. Ray is rebuilding my BMW R60 and R69s.

The R60 is farther along in the build than the 69S. The 60 will be a daily runner and will be left with mostly original patina. The frame was powder coated.. Too far gone to stay with patina.

Note to self - need new spark plug caps for both bikes.

The R60.

Check out the hand string wrapping on the loom by the generator. Yes. Generator.

As seen, alot of patina will continue to exist. Front fender, valve push tubes, spokes, rims. Engine parts that have been sanded and buffed will remain as-is. The wind deflectors on the Earles front forks were built by my late Uncle Dutch, which is the name of this bike.

6 volts of pure power...

Points and timing advancer..

The rocker covers were sand blasted and powder coated. They used to be polished. I plan to leave them like this.

Im very pleased with the progress. Ray and I discussed what parts will go back on the 60. Like the polished final drive.

New parts department.. That's the 69S engine.

This is the engine with a cracked cylinder after I tossed it away years ago. I have new cylinders and pistons. Yes, expensive.

I am pretty sure the generator on this one isn't working correctly.

Ouch. Need new rocker covers.

The flywheel looks good..

Simple  by design.

Original gas tank. The inside is perfect.

Hub caps for the 60. Sand and paint only. Spokes and rims with patina.

Wheel parts.

Ray actually had an original manual!

The super-duper BMW All-In-One tool!

Ray lives on a dirt road. He's the commissioner.

These crash bars are toast. So are the mufflers.

Ray, on the Spyder. AKA Tryke.

Brand new headlight nacelle for the 69S.


Muffler wings.

OEM speedo = $$$$

Gear ratio...

Shiny new gas cap..

...and seat..

Header pipe with cross-over.

Ray putting new to him tires on his 55 Ford.

I'll bet yah that Ray was a bad-ass back in the day... JSNS!




2016-12-29 Done

From Ray... great news today!

"We can stick a fork in this one. Looks good, runs good and everything works. Have no idea how it rides cause I have over two feet of snow and lots of ice. We'll wait for spring weather for the test rides.

I think we did perfect on the Patina factor. Look close, lots of original wear and tear. She's a rider, not a shower.


Purists will scoff and I reply back with a special salute! The wind deflectors, scratched front fender, polished front case, taped on pin stripes (by me, 1976!) all make this pay tribute to Uncle Dutch.

Damn old winter time, anyway! She needs miles and smiles now!

Well done Ray, well done!

Now to get UncleDutch to the central Kali koast!


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