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Welcome to the Candy Butt Association

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Welcome to the Candy Butt Association!
This is a phun site with emphasis on MotoBiking, Eating, Friendship, and Celebration of Life.
Originally, the intent was to poke real Phun at the IBA and all the IBA peeps (you know the kind, aux tanks, monkey-butts, big bright lights, IBA license plate frames, dirty old stinky riding gear..) but then I thought, what the hell, whether you're a pirate or power ranger, or candy butt, we all ride.
When first the site went live, some peeps didn't realize I was simply making a parody of, poking at, the IBA, and sent me money expecting CBA hats, pins, membership card, and year-end riding motobash/party! Quickly, all $$ were returned and the statement in red, below, was published... <LOL>.. Maybe someday, when I retire out, and have more time, this site can be more interactive...
Navigate the site by using the menu across the top. It's self-explanatory.
There have been lots of updates to the CBA membership page, so cruise on in and see who the new peeps are!
It's been a busy several months in the CBA. Lots of small rides to various parts of the Western US. Of course, nothing that would break CBA rules.

Really, this should prove that I AM the CBA PreZident!

Enjoy, drop on by from time to time, say hi to some old and new friends..
Ps – this is all a joke. If you are a proud IBA member  don't get your rear in a roar. If it is in a roar, apply more Monkey Butt powder.  Do not send me money. This is a joke intended to promote good fun and  jesting between members in this virtual community. I hope it is received  in this spirit. If enough interest exists, who knows, maybe something could evolve of the CBA.. but for now, just relax, smile and enjoy.

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