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Auxillary Fuel Cell


2017-12-06 Aux Tank Pump Wiring

Got most of the wiring for the fuel pump completed. Rehabbing the knee so lots of chair time.

The big picture.

Various parts. Using a delay relay timer and PosiLock trailer connection.

Fuel pump mounting.

Delay relay timer and connector up close.

Rough wiring layout.

Pretty clean. I give it a B+ rating.

3M dual lock is the best.

Griff's old tank!

That's all for now...



2017-12-13 Tank Drilling

I've been putting off drilling the tank for two days now. The MapleFarkles bulkhead fitting requires a 3/4" hole. I have two UniBits. The first has a maximum diameter of 3/4". The second Ubit starts at 1/2". Thought I'd make a  couple of test holes to see which one worked best.

UniBit 1 top side. Looks OK.

Bottom side? Not so good. I was wondering how well it work when the last 'ridge' is the diameter needed. Now I know.

No pics of UniBit2 test hole. It was awesome. Pilot drill, small Ubit to 1/2" then big Ubit to 3/4".

Nice fit.

The two UniBits. Red mark = no more drilling!

I lied. Pics out of sequence. UBit2 test holes.

Now to catch the shavings when drilling. Used 'CarverTape' aka paint tape as it sticks good enough but not enough to be PITA to remove.

After lots of double side tape to affix the bulkhead fitting to the tank then installing the tank then inspecting for clearance, I ended up with this location.

Pilot hole.

1/2" Ubit.

Shavings. At each 'step' of the Ubit I used compressed air to clean the tank and Ubit of shavings. BTW, the tape stuck like freaking GorillaGlue and was very difficult to remove from tank inner bottom. A royal PITA. More later.

One tiny little fragment. Needle nose pliers... done.

Ok then, looking good. So far so good?

The MF bulkhead is larger than the one I used on KrZy8 and requires a 1" socket. Kind of a PITA.. Too bulky to easily manuver.

The final product.

Here's what it looks like on the inside. See the tape? Yeah. Disassemble fitting. Put ham fist into tank. 20 minutes later.. success.

As it sits now, the fitting is off, I need to flush, inspect, reassemble, leak check.

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